Quillbee Essentials

1. How do I create my first article?
Once you register at Quillbee, you will get access to the Quillbee dashboard. There are 3 ways to create a new article:

First: Click the Quillbee logo > Click + Add new button

Second: Click +Add new button next to the Quillbee logo on the right side

Third: Click the yellow plus sign + Create a new article above the video

Next, you’ll arrive at the Your Point of View section, where your journey of creating an article begins!

2. What is Your Point of View and can I edit it?
This is the essence of Quillbee and your creative space. Here, you share your unique perspective on the topic you wish to write about, allowing Quillbee to help you transform your knowledge into easily understandable content.

Say goodbye to generic content – with Quillbee, your voice shines through every word!

3. How do I add a brand voice to my content?
With Your Point of View feature, you can express your thoughts and opinions in your own words, ensuring that your content reflects your brand’s voice and values authentically. 

You can also maintain your unique voice while switching between writing styles for your articles with the Tone Words feature, a game changer for your writing!

4. Does Quillbee offer tutorials?
If you would like to learn more about Quillbee, we recommend checking out our Documentation page.

You can also explore our blog page for valuable insights into using Quillbee effectively in your writing. Additionally, you’ll find articles covering the latest AI news, developments, and trends in the AI world.

5. Do you claim any rights or ownership over what I write in Quillbee?
We don’t claim any rights over the content you input into Quillbee, nor anything Quillbee assists you with.

6. What kind of copy can I create?
Quillbee enables you to create various types of content, from blog posts and product descriptions to social media posts and email newsletters. It’s a versatile tool for all your writing needs.

7. Can I use Quillbee to write long articles (1,000+ words)?
Absolutely! You can write articles of any length you desire, whether it’s a short piece or a longer one exceeding 1,000 words. There are no limits here – your creativity can truly flourish!

8. How do I know that this content is not plagiarized?

At Quillbee, we take pride in our commitment to authenticity and originality. Unlike other AI writing tools, we don’t just churn out generic content.

Our mission is not to replace humans with AI but to provide resources to incorporate your creativity making your content uniquely personalized and distinct from other AI-generated materials.

9. How long would it take to write an article with Quillbee?

The time needed to write an article with Quillbee varies based on factors like article length and complexity, research requirements, and your familiarity with the topic. 

Typically, Quillbee swiftly generates a draft within minutes. However, refining and editing for quality may require additional time. Overall, Quillbee can significantly reduce the time needed to create content compared to traditional writing methods.

10. How do I download my article?
You have two options for downloading your article:

  • From the Quillbee dashboard where your other articles are located.
  • Directly from the Quillbee editor.

11. How do I send my article to WordPress?
With the WordPress integration from Quillbee, you can send your articles to your WordPress site in a single click.

12. How can I optimize my article for SEO using Quillbee?
Quillbee’s innate SEO capabilities empower efficient content optimization. By allowing you to set targeted keywords and broader content topics, while also providing real-time access to keyword density and word count, Quillbee maximizes the effectiveness of your SEO efforts.

13. How can I boost my traffic with Quillbee?
With Quillbee’s support, you can easily create an abundance of content infused with precisely targeted keywords and your unique voice. This combination effectively captivates your niche audience’s attention. 

By leveraging this approach, you’ll not only rise to the top of search engine results but also build real connections with your audience. This will lead to an expansion of your organic reach, establishing a robust online presence and driving success.

14. Can I recover deleted data?
Once your articles are deleted, they cannot be restored. 

15. Where can I find my previous text variations?
You can easily undo or redo your recent edits using the dedicated buttons (Undo and Redo) located on the status bar. The Undo command allows you to reverse the most recent action you’ve taken on your article.