Learn about the team behind Quillbee.

Our Mission

Help creators transform their ideas into engaging content.

We strongly believe in the power of AI, combined with the boundless potential of human creativity. We’re dedicated to assisting people in crafting content that is 100% AI-assisted and 100% human-inspired.

Who We Are

Dreamers & Creators

Quillbee is the latest innovation by Saturday Drive Incorporated, the creators behind successful products like Ninja Forms, a renowned WordPress form builder, and SendWP, a dependable transactional email service. We bring the same dedication to quality, ingenuity, and user satisfaction to Quillbee, an AI-powered writing assistant designed to empower creators.

Our Team

The team behind Quillbee consists of engineers, marketers, customer success representatives, and others. However, at our core, we’re all creators. Like our users, we’re people who are passionate about expressing our ideas with creativity and originality. We bring diverse expertise and a shared commitment to serving our users to our work every day.

Our Values

At Quillbee, we uphold four core values:

Our goal is not just to change how people write, but to change what they believe they can achieve with their own words.