Account & Billing

1. How can I cancel a subscription?
You can cancel your trial or subscription by navigating to Account Settings> Account Billing

2. If I cancel my Quillbee subscription, do I lose access to what I’ve written?
You’ll still have access to view your existing articles but you won’t be able to create new articles or edit existing articles. You will be able to also download your existing articles.

3. How can I upgrade to a higher Quillbee plan?
You can upgrade to a higher plan by navigating to Account Settings > Account Billing. Here, you can choose which plan you would like to upgrade to.

4. How do I update my subscription payment method?
You can update your payment method by navigating to your Account > Account Billing > Billing Information.

5. Where can I find my invoices?
To access your invoices, navigate to your Account > Account Billing > Invoice History.

6. How do I reset my password to Quillbee?
Open the and click Forgot your password? link to receive your password recovery email. 

7. Can I switch between a monthly and yearly plan?
Yes, you have the option to switch between a monthly and yearly subscription based on your preference.

8. Is there an Enterprise Plan to give all the people on my team access to Quillbee?
If you’re looking to provide access to Quillbee for your entire team, reach out to us directly, and we’ll discuss the customized options available to meet your organization’s unique requirements.