With the Personas feature, you can tailor the content Quillbee generates based on your unique writing style and tone!

Persona Sources

The first step to generating your Persona is to import a few writing samples that will be analyzed to understand your specific writing style and tone.  The writing sources can be anything you have written, such as emails, social media posts, blogs, etc.

Your sources can either be copied and pasted directly into Quillbee or you can provide a URL as the source by using the “Add a new source” dropdown and selecting “URL”:

You can add up to five sources.  For the best results, it is recommended that you add at least three sources.

Disallowed Phrases

To make the content Quillbee generates more authentic to you, add words and phrases that you typically don’t use in your writing.  You can add as many as you desire.  

While this does not guarantee they won’t be used, Quillbee will do its best to avoid them unless absolutely necessary.

Writing Personas

That’s it!  With that information in hand, Quillbee will generate your writing Persona!

When you start a new article in Quillbee, the AI generation process will be influenced based on your results.

On this page, you will find brief descriptions of your Style, Tone, Language Use, and Phrasing Preferences.

You can update your Persona anytime by returning to any previous step and submitting new data.

ChatGPT Custom Instructions

The “ChatGPT Custom Instructions” section provides prompts that you can use to allow ChatGPT to better tailor its responses based on your Quillbee Persona.

To add these instructions to ChatGPT:

  • Log into ChatGPT and click on your profile picture
  • In the menu that appears, click the “Customize ChatGPT option

Add the relevant instructions from your Quillbee Persona ChatGPT Output to the correct boxes in ChatGPT and you’re good to go!