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Countless great ideas are never communicated because of the daunting nature of the blank page, and the world is a worse place for it. 

Have you ever experienced writer’s block, staring at an empty screen, trying to will your ideas into words? When it comes to writing, getting started is often the hardest part. There are many writers, and potential writers, out there with amazing perspectives and unique ideas, and we want to help those writers find their voice by removing the least creative parts of writing. That’s why we’ve created a new AI writing assistant that empowers you to overcome writer’s block and unleash your true potential.

Join us on this empowering journey of self-expression and witness how Quillbee transforms every blank page into an opportunity for greatness. Unleash your creativity, captivate your audience, and become the writer you’ve always envisioned with Quillbee by your side. Welcome to the future of writing, where you are the master of your craft, and your ideas take flight with ease.

“Quillbee is focused on becoming the best AI writing assistant for people who want to have an impact and make a change in the world around them. We are focused on helping thinkers become writers and helping experts turn their expertise into content.”

– James Laws

About Quillbee

Quillbee revolutionizes the writing process with its user-friendly and efficient approach. To get started, simply provide Quillbee with a brief description of your idea or unique perspective. It doesn’t have to be perfectly polished; a simple outline of what you want to write about will suffice. Feel free to include any special perspectives you have on the topic, allowing Quillbee to infuse your personal touch into the content.

Next, enhance the content generation process by adding up to three tone words. These words will help Quillbee understand the desired style and tone you want the content to reflect. With this guidance, Quillbee crafts a tailored outline that sets the stage for your writing, ensuring it adheres to your unique tone and voice.

Once the outline is ready, Quillbee generates the initial content based on your input, along with the provided tone words. Now comes the creative collaboration between you and Quillbee. Edit the content to align it perfectly with your vision. Quillbee equips you with the powerful tools of expansion, shortening, and rewriting, enabling you to fine-tune the content precisely the way you want it. If additional context or instructions are needed, you can effortlessly incorporate them to ensure a flawless result.

Embrace the seamless harmony between human ingenuity and AI assistance with Quillbee. Together, you’ll produce written masterpieces that reflect your brilliance and unique perspective. Experience the joy of effortlessly bringing your ideas to life with Quillbee – your dedicated writing partner for unrivaled creativity and expression.

Our Goals

At Quillbee, our vision goes beyond just technological advancement; it centers on empowering individuals to unlock their creative potential and share their ideas with the world. Our goal is not to replace human writers; instead, we aim to be the bridge that connects talented individuals, who may not consider themselves writers, with the means to express their unique perspectives confidently.

Moreover, we understand the value of genuine human touch in writing. Quillbee is designed to elevate writers’ efficiency without compromising on quality and authenticity. We steer away from mere AI-generated content churners and, instead, offer a collaborative approach that marries AI capabilities with human intuition.

Our commitment is to empowering writers, both aspiring and seasoned, to soar to new heights of creativity and efficiency. By providing an intuitive and enriching writing experience, we ensure that your ideas shine through the words, and your voice finds resonance with your audience. Together, let’s embrace the future of writing – where human ingenuity meets AI assistance, and creativity knows no bounds.

“We believe in the power of great ideas. Our platform is designed to help you express your expertise in a clear and effective way, whether you’re a seasoned writer or just starting out. With real-time feedback and personalized suggestions, Quillbee helps you develop your ideas to their fullest potential and achieve your writing goals.”

– Matt Pritchett

About the Team 

Quillbee is the latest innovation by Saturday Drive Incorporated, the creators behind successful products like Ninja Forms, a renowned WordPress form builder, and SendWP, a dependable transactional email service. We bring the same dedication to quality, ingenuity, and user satisfaction to Quillbee, an AI-powered writing assistant designed to empower creators.

The team behind Quillbee consists of engineers, marketers, customer success representatives, and others. However, at our core, we’re all creators. Like our users, we’re people who are passionate about expressing our ideas with creativity and originality. We bring diverse expertise and a shared commitment to serving our users to our work every day.

James Laws

The Chief Executive Officer of Saturday Drive. He’s the originator and driving force behind the vision of Quillbee. As a prolific writer James doubles as a quality control engineer for the Quillbee app. 

Matt Pritchett

The Launch Lead for Quillbee. Not only is he the principal engineer, but he’s also coordinating our product launch across all our departments. Matt makes sure that our vision for Quillbee becomes reality.

Kevin Stover

The Chief People Officer of Saturday Drive and handles a bit of marketing for Quillbee. In addition to writing content, he’s led a few of the launch marketing efforts behind getting Quillbee out the door.

“The Saturday Drive team has been working together for nearly a decade. We’re a small, independent company that takes pride in taking care of our team, listening to our customers and delivering useful, creative solutions. Quillbee is a tool that we use internally nearly everyday.”

– Kevin Stover

Quillbee 💖

We asked our users what they loved about Quillbee.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
I am loving Quillbee! Whether I need a few sentences for the perfect message in a quick report out, a snippet of info for an internal SharePoint site or an entire article for the company newsletter, I know Quillbee can give me exactly what I want.  My co-workers have been overly impressed with how each article effectively pinpoints exactly what we want to say in a clear and concise manner.
Holly Hicks
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Quillbee is a game changer. Anyone that has struggled with writer’s block knows the feeling. Quillbee doesn’t just help me get started, it works with me to craft my words and ideas into something that accurately represents my views. Along the way I also discovered an efficiency in my writing process I wasn’t expecting. It’s a must have tool for every writer.
Jessica Wilkerson

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