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You don’t have to be a writing expert to impact lives.

At Quillbee, we recognize every coach as a source of unique insights and experiences. Coaching is a calling, and we’re here to enhance it, turning narratives and expertise into inspiring content.

Quillbee supports you in authentically sharing your story and insights, whether you’re an experienced coach or just starting out. Our goal is to revolutionize content creation by amplifying your voice with the ability to empower and motivate others universally. We’re creating a space where your lessons, strategies, and guidance can enrich lives impactfully.

This is Quillbee. Where coaching transcends your ideas, turning your methodology into inspiring narratives and meaningful experiences. Leave a lasting legacy, coach with Quillbee.

“Quillbee is focused on becoming the best AI writing assistant for people who want to have an impact and make a change in the world around them. We are focused on helping thinkers become writers and helping experts turn their expertise into content.”

– James Laws

About Quillbee

Quillbee redefines the writing landscape for coaches, moving beyond generic AI-produced content to create a space where every coaching voice can shine.

We empower coaches to break through the barriers of writer’s block with a collaborative AI experience that understands the nuances of the coaching profession. Start with a seed of an idea, infuse it with your unique coaching philosophy, and let Quillbee sculpt a tailored outline that resonates with your audience. This partnership enables you to fine-tune and personalize your coaching content, ensuring it’s as impactful and unique as your approach.

Quillbee is specially designed for the coaching community, recognizing the need for a nuanced approach to content creation. Each interaction with Quillbee is a step towards refining your coaching voice, ensuring your insights, strategies, and personal stories are conveyed with authenticity and clarity. 

Whether you’re a seasoned coach crafting advanced methodologies or a newcomer sharing fresh perspectives, Quillbee adapts to your style, helping you articulate your wisdom and connect deeply with your audience. Embrace an AI writing experience as dynamic and insightful as your coaching, where every word helps build stronger connections and inspire transformation.

Our Goals

Our vision extends beyond technological advancement; it’s about empowering individuals to unlock their creative potential. Quillbee aims to bridge the gap, connecting talented individuals with the means to express their unique perspectives confidently.

“We believe in the power of great ideas. Our platform is designed to help you express your expertise in a clear and effective way, whether you’re a seasoned writer or just starting out. With real-time feedback and personalized suggestions, Quillbee helps you develop your ideas to their fullest potential and achieve your writing goals.”

– Matt Pritchett

About the Team 

Quillbee is the latest innovation by Saturday Drive Incorporated, creators of Ninja Forms and SendWP. Our diverse team is passionate about creativity and originality, infusing these qualities into every aspect of Quillbee.

James Laws

The Chief Executive Officer of Saturday Drive. He’s the originator and driving force behind the vision of Quillbee. As a prolific writer James doubles as a quality control engineer for the Quillbee app. 

Matt Pritchett

The Launch Lead for Quillbee. Not only is he the principal engineer, but he’s also coordinating our product launch across all our departments. Matt makes sure that our vision for Quillbee becomes reality.

Kevin Stover

The Chief People Officer of Saturday Drive and handles a bit of marketing for Quillbee. In addition to writing content, he’s led a few of the launch marketing efforts behind getting Quillbee out the door.

“The Saturday Drive team has been working together for nearly a decade. We’re a small, independent company that takes pride in taking care of our team, listening to our customers and delivering useful, creative solutions. Quillbee is a tool that we use internally nearly everyday.”

– Kevin Stover

Quillbee 💖

What Users Love About Quillbee:

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“I am loving Quillbee! My co-workers have been overly impressed with how each article effectively pinpoints exactly what we want to say in a clear and concise manner.”
Holly Hicks
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“Quillbee is a game-changer. It works with me to craft my words and ideas into something that accurately represents my views. It’s a must-have tool for every writer.”
Jessica Wilkerson
5 star rating
5 star rating
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5 star rating
5 star rating
“If you’ve ever struggled with “blank white screen syndrome”, over-editing roadblocks, or just not enough time, Quillbee is one of the most valuable productivity tools for jump-starting the writing process you can buy.”
Chris Ford

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